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Bounce Rescue! Game trailer (PS4)


The Evil Devil has landed on earth with the intention of taking over the world. He will not get away with it as easily as he thought, for he has to take on the skillful Bounce Rescue! team, who will do anything to protect the earth. However, the Evil Devil manages to capture two members of the team and escape to Darkland. Outraged by this, the team goes on a mission to save their captured members from the Evil Devil. You can help the Bounce Rescue! team to release the captives and save the earth in this exciting, problematic and fun platformer game. Are you ready for the adventure? Challenge your friends in a 2-4 person multiplayer match and find out who is the best. Multiplayer modes include Capture The Flag, Survival and Deathmatch, as well as many different maps on all game modes. Available in EU 15th March 2016 / US 5th April 2016 on PlayStation 4. EU:!/cid=EP0898-CUSA03563_00-APP0785202000085 US:!/en-us/games/bounce-rescue/cid=UP0893-CUSA05039_00-APP0785202000085

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