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Redhill Games Two Year Anniversary

Redhill Games Once upon a time back in 2018, 4 swooning parents gave birth to Redhill Games. Little Redhill has grown tremendously in a very short time, but we have discovered they don’t call it “Terrible Twos” for nothing. Like most two-year-olds, little Redhill has developed good thumb and finger control, started to throw and play with balls, and started to solve simple but menial problems. And they do so love to play with their toys. Though they might be prone to the odd temper tantrum now and again. They will also take regular naps. But more importantly they can at least tell their own name and their age. Now young Redhill is equipped with more skills, and is growing and improving like never before. And although we have worked hard to get where we are now, we will never ever stop playing. Join young Redhill! Let´s grow together.

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