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Nex Machina - Name of the game Featurette

Housemarque Games

Hello from Housemarque, We recently launched our first ever self-published title, Nex Machina, and we've been humbled by the overall positive reception it has been getting. For almost 3 years now, a documentary crew has followed us and Mr. Jarvis on this journey and we would now like to share a bit of that with you. This is a candid look into what it was like to prepare to show the game off to audiences for the first time at PSX 2016. Just a bunch of guys with a dream of making a game like the ones they used to play as kids. What a wonderful ride it has been and hopefully this game won't end up being the last of its kind, but rather just one in many more to come. Steam: PSN Store EU:!/en-gb/games/nex-machina/cid=EP2604-CUSA05595_00-NEXMACHINAPREBEU PSN Store US:!/en-us/games/nex-machina/cid=UP2575-CUSA05588_00-NEXMACHINAGAMEUS

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