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ActionTrack experience platform

Team Action Zone

ActionTrack is the world's most versatile location-based platform, which takes learning into a new level with Pokemon Go -type of gamification elements. Easy-to-use ActionTrack web-tool allows our customers to create activities for both outdoors (GPS) and indoors (QR-codes). ActionTrack activity can include both teaching and evaluation related content. Engaging basic elements of ActionTrack include seek & find tasks, Pokemon Go type of collection challenges, time trials, collaborative tasks (users/clans), hidden surprises, and interactive stories in which users' actions affect the flow of events, to name a few. Typically students form small teams and learn efficiently via co-operation. Teachers can monitor students' progress in real time, chat with them, have an influence via sending students virtual objects, and also evaluate students' answers when needed (by default this is done automatically). All answers are stored, and can be analyzed right away or later. TAZ customers can use their own multimedia in ActionTrack activities, and the solution does not set any pedagogical restrictions. ActionTrack takes also corporate teambuilding and training events into a new level with experiential, gamification and collaboration elements. Our platform has already been used in over 50 countries to deliver treasure trails and interactive adventures to hundreds of corporate teams. Event participants can form clans to collaborate and on the other hand they can compete against others to feel excitement. ActionTrack allows our customers to include their corporate targets and key messages/content into these truly memorable experiences, making learning fun and effective at the same time. TAZ licenses basic ActionTrack accounts (subscription based model), and also allows customers to have their very own branded app and service based on the technology (white label model). See for more information.

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