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Fitness Village: Make Fitness Fun Again

Fitness Village Make Fitness Fun Again Gamification, sensors and mobile games offer perfect tools for making healthy and active lifestyle as major part of your daily living. Games work as entertainment and we think fitness should be part of it, not a separate routine you must perform daily. By playing Fitness Village, you'll find yourself developing not only your in-game character, but also yourself. We offer the tools to make fitness fun again. We do this by combining wicked in-game story, GPS and sensor technology to make Fitness Village a platform which follows you wherever you go or do. While on your home sofa, progress through the story and compete against other players. When going out, change to GO view and you'll find location based bonuses for your in-game character and also real world discounts to nearby partner stores and businesses. If you like to train, your in-game character will benefit from you wearing a sensor. Soon Fitness Village compatible gyms can be found from Finland and later on, in rest of the world. It's time to make fitness part of entertainment. It's time to make it fun again!

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