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First Look at Riptale -- Stylish Side-Scrolling Combat

Game Wisdom

I was able to get a press build to take a look at the high-speed action title Riptale. The game is all about zipping along and slashing anything that gets in your way with a combo system that you can customize. Please note that this is based on a specific build and what you see will not represent the current or retail version of the game in terms of content. __________________________________________________________ SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW: Main Site: YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: Facebook: SUPPORT GAME-WISDOM Patreon: Hitting goals will allow me to add more content and let patreon supporters vote on what they would like to see each month SCHEDULE: Daily: One video looking at or spotlighting a game in the mid afternoon est. A Critical Thought Vlog later in the evening est. Nightly: Random Streaming of a variety of games on around 10 est. Thursday night: Around 8 est we do a live show on with the recording up here the next day. Mondays: A Dissecting Game Design will be posted. My series examining a video game's design. ABOUT ME: I'm Josh Bycer and I run the site Game-Wisdom, where I examine the art and science of games. Here on Youtube, I put out a variety of videos that consists of let's plays, examinations and more.

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