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Riptale: Turbocharged Sword Combat Game! | Let's play Riptale gameplay (preview demo)

Randomise User: The Best Indie Games

Let's play Riptale gameplay video of this turbocharged sword combat platform game's preview demo. Riptale is on Greenlight now! Subscribe for more indie gameplay: | Support us on Patreon: Vote for Riptale on Steam Greenlight: In this Let's play Riptale gameplay video we play the press preview demo versio of this sword combat game, where you use the power of gems to launch targeted attacks across the screen at your enemies! Up to three attacks of varying types (determined by your gem loadout) can be chained together to perform long-distance sword attacks without touching the ground in Riptale gameplay. ----------------------------- Thanks for watching this let's play Riptale gameplay preview! More of the best indie games: Hive Jump is alien bug Spelunky: A House of Many Doors is basically Sunless Land! Tiny Heist: Free lo-fi stealth game: ----------------------------- Official Riptale gameplay description: Riptale is a 2D action game aiming to make sword combat be as bloody and impactful as possible. The player collects gems that allow them to execute different attacks in the order of their choosing. All this results in a symphony of combos that fill the screen with blood and guts. If Riptale was a board game it would shoot scissors at you. Game version: press release demo Riptale release date: Q1 2017 Developed by: Supergod Formats available: PC Windows Official Riptale game site: Steam Greenlight: ----------------------------- Our one-off Let's Play videos offer gameplay, highlights or update news on indie games, old and new. Playlist: Randomise User is the home of original indie game videos & streams on YouTube. Subscribe to Randomise User: Watch Randomise User live: Help support the channel on Patreon: Read latest channel news on Twitter:

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