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Pokemon Black & White Wifi Battle #47 - Bye Bye Blaziken


Here's a B/W match I had a while ago when Blaziken was still allowed in Standard OU metagame. With the new toys Blaziken got in gen 5 (Speed boost and 130BP Hi Jump Kick) Blaziken was considered too power powerful for standard play and it had too few counters. Slowbro could work but it's not enough when Blaziken wrecks everything else with little effort. Now Blaziken has become the first starter pokemon to get banned from standard play. Remember Ubers is not meant to be a balanced tier, it is only for pokemon too powerful for OU aka banlist. QoTD: Your thoughts about Blaziken going to Uber? I will be the next guest on Metapodcast so if you wanna ask me some questions, go here: My opponent's channel:

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