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♠ Wicked Level 1 Aron Sweep ♠ - Pokemon Black & White Wifi Battle #14


Once I had a battle and everything went according to plan. FEAR Aron sweep done by the book just in 7 turns. My opponent had a good standard team and I noticed that Infernape could be the possible lead. Knowing that I chose Tyranitar(Lead GuiTar, get it?) as my own lead to set up the Sandstorm and also to use it as a bait. Lead Apes usually carry Focus sash so was hoping I could force my opponent to use Close Combat straight away. Otherwise I could OHKO the Ape with the help from Sandstorm. Most people also get tempted about early 6-5 advantage and so 4x Super effective STAB CC easily knocked out my TTar on the first turn giving me a free switch into Aron. On the second turn my opponent sets up Stealth Rock but it's already too late. Aron's natural Focus sash , Sturdy ability remains intact and so the fun begins. In Generation 5 Sturdy shields the pokemon from every _single_ hit that would KO it at full health, kinda like a Focus sash. But since Sturdy is an ability, it can be used infinite times as long as the pokemon remains at full health. What makes Level 1 Aron so special is that it has also access to Endeavor(Egg move) and immunity Sandstorm, thanks to it's typing. Above all when you give Aron the item Shell bell, this harmless little pokemon turns into your worst nightmare. It becomes the FEAR. Shell bell restores 1/8 of the damage dealt as HP. Meaning whenever level 1 Aron uses Endeavor on a level 100 non ghost pokemon and brings it down to match it's own health, it will gain all of it's HP back. 1/8 is more than enough for a level 1 pokemon. This also means that every time Aron Endeavors something, it will gain back it's Sturdy ability while Sandstorm finishes off everything that isn't immune to it. Watch out or you might get Arowned! Go visit PokeMoshPit for a bit more serious battle: Few ways to deal with the Fear: • Ghost type pokemon • Entry hazards like Stealth Rock and Spikes • Pokemon with Rough Skin or Steel Thorns ability • Pokemon with Sandstorm immunity and Leftovers • Pokemon with Mold Breaker ability like Ononokusu • Other weather teams, especially Hail which ruins Sturdy • Attacks that hit multiple times in one turn like Bullet Seed • Dragon Tail or Overhead Throw • Status like Burn and Sleep • Knock Off or Trick • Leech Seed • Fake Out December 2, 2010: #56 - Top Favourited (Today) - Gaming - Global WOW. Thanks! Music: Fire Cross OC Remix

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