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Pokemon Black and White Wifi Battle #26 - Rollout Shuckle Sweep


Shucklebots let's Rollout! This was the first battle during my live stream and I wanted try out my new Shuckle so here's what happened. It was good times. Shuckle goes solo and wrecks everything that comes in it's way. No Baton Passing or any other kind of support is needed for this beast. Power Share is new move in gen 5 which works Pain Split for the atk and sp.atk stat of the two pokemon. Since Shuckle has practically no atk whatsoever (base 10 on both sides, lol) it can really criple opposing powerhouses. It's a good option especially now since Encore got nerfed. With Power Share this Shuckle can leech the attack from the opponent and continue to set up with Defense Curl to boost it's defence stat while it also doubles the power of Rollout. The boost for Rollout remains as long as the user doesn't switch out but more than one DCs don't give any further power for Rollout. Sandstorm support would be appreciated as Shuckle will reach sp.def of over 900! Shuckle w/ Leftovers - Calm/careful nature - 252hp, 252sp.def, 4def - 0atk/sp.atk IVs if you really wanna utilize PS • Power Share • Defence Curl • Rollout • Rest My opponent's channel:

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