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Pokemon Black and White Wifi Battle #8 vs. TheGodOfPain1


Long time no battol! But here's one I had yesterday with a new team. I'm testing the new infamous defensive core of Nattorei and Burungeru, the Nattongeru. I'm also trying out Toxic stalling Zapdos with the Freefall. Quite interesting move to waste turns especially with Protect. And I just had to use Scarf Ditto with DW-ability Essentric. Ditto, the ultimate in your face DD-Mence and friends -pokemon. Effect of Freefall(From Bulbapedia): On the turn it is selected, Freefall brings the target to the air. While in the air, both the user and the target will be UNABLE to take action and will avoid any move targeted at them except Gust, Thunder, Twister, Sky Uppercut, Whirlwind or Knock Down. The next turn, the target is thrown down and receives damage. Freefall does no damage to Flying-type Pokémon, but it will pick them up (and make them unable to move) on its first turn; however, Freefall works normally on Pokémon with Levitate. QotD: Your thoughts about the Freefall? Also do you know which pokemanz with Dream World abilities have been officially released? If you would like to battle me in B/W, feel free to add me on skype. I have the same username there as here on YouTube. My opponent's channel:

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