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Domestic Terrorism - The Finish Line (HITMAN 2 Methods)


Father kills daughter, plunges to death soon after. MISSION PLAN: Ass. ^ I don't know why I wrote that, but it is useful to have. A rare treat for you guys: an un-practiced method video. About as raw of a video as I can do outside of playing a game for the first time. I started practicing and recording a video with the submarine kill in Santa Fortuna on Monday, but I hit a snag with a pretty serious AI bug and tried to figure out how to avoid it for four days. Well, Friday came and I wanted to still stick to my schedule where I publish a video on Fridays, so I had to think of one method that's reasonably short that I mostly remember how to do and isn't a sniper assassin or Nightcall kill (for variety). This was the only one I could think of that fit the bill, so I just recorded it and accepted whatever came out. Normally I would just delete this footage and record it again and again until it looks nicer, but not this time.

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