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Green Hell Guide - The Basics (tools, weapons, food, medical)


Timecodes for topics below. In this video I show the basics, as follows: 0:00 Title 0:17 basic tools and weapons (blades, axes, spears, bows and arrows) 4:47 save your game 5:15 create fire (drills, tinder, building a small fire) 8:15 basic foodstuff and food items (some fruits, meat, coconuts, hunting animals, killing a jaguar, gathering water, grilling meat, fishing, making a bidon) 11:50 fighting with the local native tribesmen 15:09 basic healing and medical (bandage, tobacco and unknown herb usage, ash dressing, poison and venom treatment from snake bite, wound treatment, charcoal for food poisoning, rash treatment, worm treatment, most common mushroom usage for parasites, maggot usage for festering wounds) Hope you find this video useful in your survival adventures! Green Hell is a survival simulation game, in which the player character finds himself deep in the Amazon rainforest. With only your clothes, backpack and a smartwatch, start gathering resources, creating rudimentary tools and weapons, building camps, hunting animals, fighting with locals, all the while carefully following your physical and mental condition, and treating wounds, parasites and other nasty problems you may face in the wild rainforest. Green Hell is currently in Steam early access, and is available on PC only. I received the game for free from Creepy Jar. Support my channel in Patreon ► Even a dollar helps a lot! Thank you! Check out good sales for PC games. One deal per day, every day. ► INTO THE AM - Premium Handcrafted Clothing! Use my code ORCCORP and get 10% off! ► Subscribe for more ► Like and subscribe if you enjoy the content! MORE VIDEOS ► From 2008 to today, gaming guides and stuff! My Twitter ► My puny Twitter, if you want to follow me there...

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