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Lapland Bombu (ROADTRIP RAMPAGE With SLIM & The Gang)

Failu - Idiot Weasel

slim is back and this time he brought some backup. They flew from norway to helsinki, then the squad and the new car headed to lapland, roughly 1000km to the north and spent a week at the cursed cottage and drove back. Some new faces we had never seen before but undoubtedly awesome guys. Lots of inside jokes and questionable actions. BoYs GoNnA be BoyS. Not quite the video I usually put out, I made this video for us but I put so much time into it so I decided to fine tuned it to be uploaded here. Music used in this video, order of appearance: Slim - Automobile Loving ( OST ) Prod. by Krister Bossfight - Pomodoro Meganeko - Milkshake Meganeko - Nothing Happened Rymdkraft - Little Ghost Rymdkraft - Dolph's Aerobics 2000 FantoeenK - Tiny Tunes Bossfight - Sonder Meganeko - Delete ( Bossfight Remix ) Bossfight - Glitch Gremlin Hayve - Paranoia Bossfight Meganeko Rymdkraft FantomenK Hayve

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