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Thief 2X -02- The Trials That Shape Us


Zaya has decided to take revenge on Kedar's killers and to help with that good guy Malak has been schooling her in the art of stealth for the past year. Zaya's final test before graduating is the theft of a book Malak wants from the Bennington museum plus whatever loose valuables could be sold off to fund this upcoming quest for vengeance. All loot, all secrets, all pockets picked. All notes read, I think, except possible duplicates. Almost if not all papers in glass cases are not actually readable, just props. This being the first real mission there are plenty of things one ends up learning about the game. Like NEVER let an NPC become alerted, at all if possible, if you plan on hanging around. Even if they return to normal state after a bit of looking around, here they will actually become psychic and immediately detect and home in on Zaya if she's nearby after too much suspicious activity. The guard patrolling outside the basement door can for example become alerted by the other guy going to sleep after a single previous level 1 alert. Archers are on a whole other level, being both psychic from the get go and sniping at a hidden Zaya while at the same time not being alerted at all, which I'll have a great example story about on Mission 5. AI alertness is also highly infectious and the aforementioned guard going to sleep can trigger every NPC in the level to go into search mode at the same instant. I don't recall having these issues in the orignal Thief 2, but I don't know if it's the expansion itself, my version of NewDark, the audio patch, some other patch I've installed and simply forgotten about or possibly all combined. Still, no big issue. The cure here is stealth, which is coincidentally the name of the game. Oh, wait, no. It's T2X. Sorry. If I may criticise something a little here, I think the one year gap between missions 1 and 2 sounds a little too much. I don't see Zaya and Malak doing much else besides training every day as there's no reference to Zaya doing ANYTHING in the City and a year spent cooped up with some stranger in a dilapitated mansion is a bit intense just to learn how to wear some tap-dancing shoes and a black cloak. Walkthrough playlist here: Get T2X here: Need Thief 2? Get it here: Or here: I, too, have some revenges to take, but the local museums have better security than this. Briefing: (00:00) The Trials That Shape Us: (01:50)

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