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HITMAN 3 - 5. The Farewell


The ICA is now finished and Olivia and 47 are free to go about their lives. As a parting gift, Olivia informs 47 that Diana has been spotted traveling with Providence Heralds to a big party being held at the vineyard of one Don Yates, a powerful Providence lawyer. Apparently Diana is trying to infiltrate Providence and tear it down from the inside by becoming the new Constant, but she is seeing some competition from Don Yates, so for the plan to work he needs to go. 47 must also deal with the Constant's right hand chaperoning Diana at the party, Tamara Vidal. I had to show off some of the facility during the tour because otherwise those ugly bright green markers all over the screen would've stayed on way past the point where the kill opportunities become unusable. Also no, they can't be turned off in the options, I have nearly everything turned off already. Many fun kill options during the tour and this whole Herald meeting business and having to save Diana and how Don Yates dies are really cool experiences, except in repeat playthroughs. One of the trophies related to this route is glitched for me and I spent hours replaying this mission story to try and trigger it, then wasted more hours replaying it after the latest patch that supposedly fixes some trophies. The patch did fix another glitched trophy for me, but not the one that requires going on the tour and it's so god daMN FUCKING LOOOOOOOOOOOONG!! And yes, this game is technically a big piece of shit.

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