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Homemade Electrolyte Drink - A Bitter Pill (HITMAN 2 Methods)


Man dies from scarcity of screwdrivers; faulty electrical wiring could not be repaired in time. MISSION PLAN: ICA 19 Silverballer, gold coins. Remote EMP charge to look cool. Technically no loadout is actually needed if you're willing to spend more than 3 minutes playing. Remote EMP charge is used here only because I cannot think of any actual use for it in any level and wanted to show it off. I tested it, this is literally doable with the same exact timing if you just turn off the fusebox, albeit it does cut very close. Coins are to lure the target to the water, but there are coins in the level and other alternative lures exist in a pinch. The two other distractions are just for smoother looking gameplay, not actually needed. Gun is to be used in place of a screwdriver and the best bet is to go with a silenced one, but I think there may possibly be a silenced gun in the level itself and it might be possible to get away with a loud one if the AI returns to normal after a lockdown on this map. Or you could spend ages just looking for a screwdriver, I'm sure it exists somewhere. Seriously, where the hell are the screwdrivers on this damn map?! Oh, if you try to copy this exact play and the sheriff starts walking in first and dying everytime instead of the target, exit to menu and start the level fresh. The game doesn't really load fresh every time you restart or reload the mission during the actual mission and some things like NPC pathing for example might change ever so slightly, which stacks up after multiple retries. Sometimes the target might ask the sheriff to go check out the coin, but that's a different issue. That's just bad luck, I think mostly caused by the coin's position on the ground. HITMAN 2's physics makes the coins a bit random, so that counts as luck.

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