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Tea For One Plus One - Nightcall (HITMAN 2 Methods)


Woman dies after thoughtless boyfriend misguidedly makes her Earl Green instead of Lipton Peach & Mango. MISSION PLAN: Lil' Flashy, Remote Concussion Rubber Duck Whether Alma wants sugar or honey is random and the choice is made at the moment she tells Orson what she wants, so if you restart or reload a save from before the choice you might get a different thing you need to poison. This means that you could poison whichever you want, save right before Alma asks Orson to make the tea and then keep reloading the save if she didn't pick whatever you poisoned already. A very interesting thing to note is that you can break both the honey jar and the sugar bowl and force Orson to use whatever is left regardless of what Alma asks for, BUT THIS CAN'T BE USED TO GUARANTEE A KILL! She will still drink the tea, but if it isn't what she asked for the poison won't actually have any effect. I don't know why, maybe she spits it out or something. I had to use Lil' Flashy at the end because the guards will actually manage to find a body a split second before they go down when you only use a concussion device. Them having that fast of a reaction speed is annoying, but it's also a good thing that I get to use a flashbang for once. It's not like there are many places in these videos where using one makes sense and I really want to show off as many different things as possible in the method videos.

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