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Minecraft PE: TOP 5 BEST SHADERS 2018 for iOS & Android - Shaders Texture Pack MCPE 1.7 / 1.6 / 1.5


Check out the TOP 5 best shaders 2018 for iOS and Android on Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE / Minecraft PE) version! These shaders on iOS and Android will make your Minecraft look much more beautiful with more transparent water, clouds, shadows, moving grass and animated leaves! Leave a like and subscribe for more! ✔ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! DOWNLOAD THE SHADERS: (Scroll down to the download section and select with one you want to download) 1. SEUS PE Shaders This is a high-end shader for powerful devices. It will probably lag on older or cheaper devices, but of course you can try if it works on your device. I think it looks great for screenshots and such, but playing with it was a bit annoying (so much going on on the screen). 2. Simple Shaders Probably my favorite MCPE shader, and the one that I would recommend to others. It runs fine, will probably work on older and cheaper devices too. Almost no lag. This shader used to be SSPE Shader, but it changed its name. COMPATIBLE WITH MCPE 1.7! 3. CSPE Shaders Same as SEUS PE shaders, meaning that you will need a powerful tablet or a phone for it, probably won't run smoothly on older and cheaper devices. Also the gameplay suffers a bit, for an example sand beaches are way too bright. Nice for screenshots, though. 4. Enhanced Vanilla Shaders Almost like vanilla, but with shadows! Great for those who like the vanilla look. 5. EVO Shaders Probably the one I would recommend the least on this list. Had performance issues, and the shadows are way too dark. BONUS: Custom Sky This is a texture pack and not a shader, so it definitely has no lag increase at all. It looks beautiful with no performance cost, so if all the other shaders on this lag on your device, at least you can use this one! --- #Minecraft #MCPE ♫ Songs: Fareoh - Under Water [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: ♫ Songs: C418 🎮 Shop for cheap games: Use code JERE for 3% off! ♛ Minecraft Merch: 🎮 Gaming Products:

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