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The Stowaway - HITMAN 3 Elusive Target


Hide them bodies, people. Tabloid journalist Jimmy Chen cares little for human life when he can advance his career. Tonight 47 will advance his career while caring little about Jimmy Chen's life. When you wear a guard disguise and confront Jimmy about his suspicious behaviour, he can go to two locations; the downstairs bathroom or the upstairs storage room. He won't go in either if you're too close to him and the doors will lock behind him so getting in there with him can be the biggest hurdle. The way I killed him would earn a Silent Assassin rating if I had been more careful with the body, but at the time of recording I was distracted with other stuff, I couldn't really hear the tv when the body was found (it's broken) and ultimately I didn't give that much of a shit. This is generally why I always brought a poison syringe with me to Elusive Targets in HITMAN 2 instead of fiber wire. Funny thing is that the challenge for killing The Stowaway with SA rating still unlocked for me, as can be seen in the end screen. The unlocked challenges have colour, locked ones are grey and when I checked it in the challenges list it had a checkmark for beating it. Maybe it was a carryover from HITMAN 2, I don't know.

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