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Sniper Assassin - The Source (HITMAN 2 Methods)


Two cult leaders killed by bullet fired across a rooftop, through two projector screens. Police not ruling out suicide. MISSION PLAN: Jaeger 7 Tuatara, Custom 5mm, Coins. Surprised how easy this was to record. Besides the practice run this only took two tries to record, less than 14 minutes total. I guess sometimes I can get lucky, too. If you distract the wrong NPCs, you might make things more difficult because in this mission it seems that some NPCs start shifting positions if they get interrupted during their starting actions. One roadie will go stand next to the window you're supposed to shoot through and the sitting guard fiddling with the phone will go sit in the office you need to escape through, so leave them be. If you're patient or just very slow, this kill is even easier later when the two targets stop to have a discussion and line up perfectly. I missed the quick shot both during practice and the first recording, so stationary targets would be easier.

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