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Assassin's Creed: Origins - All 25 Papyrus locations (Legendary items + 21k XP)


The locations of all 25 papyrus puzzles in Assassin's Creed: Origins. Direct rewards are 25 pieces of Legendary or rare items (random), 21 100 XP and 7500 Drachmas. Legendary sword, legendary shield, legendary bow, legendary spear, you name it! Assassin's Creed: Origins is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. I received the PC version of the game for free from Ubisoft. Timecodes, names and locations: 0:00 Title 0:15 Siwa papyrus (A Long Drink) 1:03 Yamu papyrus (Fertile Lands) 2:12 Alexandria The Great Library papyrus (Divided Valley) 3:16 Alexandria Tomb of Alexander papyrus (Ray of Hope) 4:26 Alexandria Synagogue papyrus (Natures Way) 5:39 Alexandria Iseion papyrus (Deafening Silence) 6:43 Alexandria Sarapeion papyrus (The Stone Gaze) 7:36 Zephyros Stables papyrus (Dead End) 8:36 Herakleion papyrus (Twin Despair) 9:49 Natho papyrus (Royal Flora) 11:06 Letopolis papyrus (Sea of Sand) 12:24 Memphis Temple of Ptah papyrus (Fallen Friend) 13:39 Memphis Wabet papyrus (Burning Bush) 14:45 Memphis Palace of Apries papyrus (In Plain Sight) 15:57 Krokodilopolis papyrus (Sobek's Rage) 17:03 Philadelphia papyrus (Just Laws) 18:24 Karanis papyrus (The Leaning Tower) 19:47 Euhemeria papyrus (The Blasphemer) 21:03 Hermopolis papyrus (Toth's Secret) 22:15 Cyrene Temple of Zeus papyrus (Undue Haste) 23:13 Cyrene Apollonion of Cyrene papyrus (Dead or Alive) 25:02 Cyrene Tomb of Battos papyrus (Underground Currents) 26:18 Green Mountains Oracle of Apollo papyrus (Wet Work) 27:43 Balagrae papyrus (Forsaken City) 29:06 Giza papyrus (Stone Fungus)

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