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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - All 25 Treasure Maps


All the treasure locations. The ancient treasures are found here: All the treasures are in numerical order, and each map by the minute in the video, meaning that for example the map 14 is at 13:00-14:00 in the video (14th minute). MAP NOTES: Map I - A mill between Ledetchko and Monastery (by the river), large storage room, up the ladder, on top of a barrel Treasure I - forest N-W from Monastery, basement/cave of one ruined house, a chest Map II - Monastery second floor, Abbots room, on a table Treasure II - river shore W from Monastery, grave at a big dead tree Map III - buy from Fresco Master in Sasau Lodgings Treasure III - old house on a hillside, W from Monastery, on the W river bank, a chest Map IV - buy from Brother Nicodemus in Monastery, some side questing required Treasure IV - E from Ledetchko, S from Inn in the Glade, on a hillside in a mineshaft, a chest Map V - buy from Miller Woyzeck, N-E from Rattay mill (side quest The Good Thief required) Treasure V - hidden well (fountain) in the forest N from Ledetchko, W from the Inn in the Glade, a sack Map VI - buy from Wayfarer (random encounter on the road) Treasure VI - just N-E from Ledetchko, on top of the hill, a chest Map VII - Monastery library, on top of a pile of books Treasure VII - Woodland Garden just N-W from Ledetchko, in the forest on the hill, a chest Map VIII - a mill N-W from Uzhitz, top floor inside, on a wooden beam Treasure VIII - just S-E from Ledetchko, next to a tree and a mound/barrow/small hill (w/e you call that), a sack Map IX - a cottage W from Skalitz (next to the tree line), on a table Treasure IX - a bridge just S from Skalitz fast travel point, S-W side of the bridge, a chest Map X - Inn in the Glade, small hut outside, in a chest Treasure X - S-W from Ledetchko, in the forest, just S from the bandit camp, a grave Map XI - buy from trader Votava in Talmberg Treasure XI - hillside between Ledetchko and Sasau, near river, a chest in a mineshaft Map XII - buy from Miller Peshek (side quest The Good Thief required) Treasure XII - S-E from Rattay upper gate, S from the buildings next to the small pond, on a hill, inside a ruined house next to a pool of water, a chest Map XIII - buy from herbalist just W from Neuhof Treasure XIII - directly E from Rattay upper gate, on top of hill S-E from wooden bridge over the river, accident/hut, chest Map XIV - buy from Wayfarer (random encounter on the road) Treasure XIV - S-E from Neuhof, just N-E from river fork, a grave Map XV - Rattay lower castle, Tobias Fayfar's room (2nd floor), on a high shelf Treasure XV - up a hillside W from Neuhof, N-E from Miller Woyzeck, in a hidden ruined garden/cottage, a grave Map XVI - buy from herbalist just W-N-W from Samopesh Treasure XVI - directly W from Merhojed, far side of the map, south side of the river crossing of the larger river, a grave Map XVII - Buy from Rattay Huntsman, who is located inside the upper bailey Treasure XVII - directly W from Merhojed, far side of the map, east side of the large river curve, behind the cottage, a grave Map XVIII - Buy from Talmberg Huntsman, who is located in the S-E corner of the village Treasure XVIII - just north from the Huntsman you bought the map from, on the east side of the small pond, a chest in the poacher's camp Map XIX - buy from Wayfarer (random encounter on the road) Treasure XIX - small island in the river S-W from Sasau Lodgings, a grave at a big tree Map XX - buy from Charlatan, Sasau center travern Treasure XX - just N from Skalitz, on the S-E side of the small bond, a chest at a big willow tree Map XXI - a camp far W-S-W from Skalitz, on the hill, a shed just E from the camp, on a barrel Treasure XXI - Skalitz mines, enter from northern most shaft right S-W from Skalitz fast travel point, take first left to the ladders, go up and at the end a chest Map XXII - Rattay scribe's office, top floor of the Rathaus, on a shelf Treasure XXII - S-W from Vranik, N from the end of the river, ruined small building, a sack Map XXIII - a farm far S-S-E from Uzhitz, attic of the main building, ladder from outside, on a barrel Treasure XXIII - forest N from Skalitz, at map border, just W from the road before the map ends, a small cave under a totem, a sack Map XXIV - buy from Wayfarer (random encounter on the road) Treasure XXIV - directly N from Skalitz, northern part of the field, at the tree line, a grave Map XXV - Lodgings just E from Rattay upper gate, basement, on a barrel Treasure XXV - far W from Skalitz, near map border, follow the river, turn N by the path, a grave up the hill Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. I received the PC version of the game for free from Deep Silver. Playlist tag: Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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