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In the second episode of HOTSEAT WITH NYYRIKKI -miniseries we get to know Alex Azitor Kanerva, ADC for NYYRIKKI’s League of Legends team. We learn quickly how he got into League with the help of his brother & friends and eventually ended up on NYYRIKKI, his spicy botlane pick and how his teammates feel about him. You can find Alex on Twitter If you liked our content and want to see more of this, consider Liking the video and Subscribing to our channel. It does help us a lot. Thank you! :) HOTSEAT WITH NYYRIKKI is a miniseries consisting of player interviews. Each episode focuses on one of our players and his journey from the beginning of starting League to the present of their career. The series has knowledge, history, jokes and most importantly laughs, so what are you waiting for? CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter ------- Instagram -- Discord ----- Twitch ------- About NYYRIKKI esports NYYRIKKI esports is a professional esports organization, which was first launched in July 31st 2017 and is based in Helsinki, Finland. The team has since then competed in many national and international competitions in various esports titles and has also found many successes in the form of trophies and high place finishes against the best the scene has to offer bringing recognition to #theHUNT. Currently NYYRIKKI wields teams in popular esport titles, such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends. With numerous achievements on and off the digital areas in the past and present, NYYRIKKI aims toward the future with sustainable growth accompanied by even more successes to make NYYRIKKI a name to remember. #theHUNT

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