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Hoodiegate: What goes into making the yearly Remedy hoodie

Remedy Entertainment Oyj Do you have the vision? What is life like at Remedy ? Should you join our ranks? The hoodie is a symbol of a video game development team and a staple of the tech industry. It is not just a piece of clothing, it's a way for the team members to represent the studio. Its something that is part of the games making culture. Creating a new hoodie, to break new grounds, can often be an arduous task, just like making video games. In 2016 Remedy embarked on a mission to create the ultimate hoodie in it's 20 year history. Huge amount of research was poured into the project with several beta tests done in the wild. We documented all of this for you to see... We also have plenty of open positions if you want to come make video games at Remedy in Finland :)

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