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NMN random trick of the day #21

Antti Nerg

Nerg Männistö Nivala Vuorjoki-Elo Projekt NMN is a research on control, substance and sanctity, inspired by art, religions and beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. Projekt NMN mixes physical theater with juggling, live music and questioning laughter. It is a dialogue between three jugglers and a folk musician concerning objects, riddles, puzzles and other important things. Project NMN is true poetry of contemporary circus, a visual poem of all that exists. Projekt launched 2011 and it will have premiere when the time is.

Keräyksessä Suomalainen sirkus 2018


Sivun kuvailutiedot ovat peräisin alkuperäislähteestä (YouTube).