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Recover Laboratory: Underneath // Teaser

Recover Laboratory

Recover Laboratory: Underneath Contemporary art and circus labyrinth Under the ground, Meilahti, Helsinki 25.9.2018-20.12.2018 **A metallic cube stand alone in the middle of a park. You open one of its heavy doors, and as you step inside, a soft breath of misty air surrounds you. You walk down the stairs. On the hundreth step it really starts to feel like you are deep under the ground. Your breath evaporates in the dimly lit rooms. A curious creature squirms in the ceiling. Sometimes the light is bright, sometimes low. You turn a corner, and meet tender eyes; a soft touch; slow motion, and speeding time. You have entered the labyrinth. ** Underneath, a new art experience by Recover Laboratory, invites you to come under the ground and into yourself. It is an unforgettable, absurd journey to all things humane and being a human, set in a public shelter in Meilahti, Helsinki. Here, you can escape the heavy weight of reality into a parallel dimension, underneath everything. The artwork takes the form of a labyrinth under the ground. It is filled with art, circus, theater, sound, light, video, music and anything else. All the individual artworks come together underneath the ground and underneath the skin, and create an ever-expanding holistic world, where everything is important. You can look, you can join, you can touch, you can feel, examine or withdraw. In collaboration with: Helsingin kaupungin pelastuslaitos Korjaamo Culture Factory MORE INFO & TICKETS VISIT:

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