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Janne Raudaskoski - Wally Watthead (trailer)


WALLY WATTHEAD AND HIS LOST GLOW (Watti Walopää ja kadonnut hehku/ Lasse Ljushuvud och den försvunna glöden) is an adventurous theatrical performance for young and old alike. On stage theres an enlarged version of Pollys bedside table. On it, we see a cell phone, a bedside lamp and a picture of Polly. All is going well, until, one day, the light bulb on Wally Wattheads head goes out. Wallys friend, Simon Simcard, the multimedia cell phone, tries to help Wally search for his light. Their search is the cue for the magic to commence. Wally Watthead gets up to all sorts of things, like when he relaxes a bit too much - and ends up levitating in the air or shrinking himself down to Lilliput size. Then things get totally out of hand when the object of Wallys affections, Polly Picture, starts to come to life. WALLY WATTHEAD AND HIS LOST GLOW is a new kind of theatrical performance using magic, clowning, black art, video, various special effects, humour and plenty of compassion. Appearing on stage - the magician himself -Janne Raudaskoski, is accompanied by the voices of Jonathan Hutchings (Vesa Vierikko/ Peppe Forsblom) as Simon Simcard and Tuija Nuojua, as Polly Picture. The first performance of the Watthead show was in Espoo, Finland, November, 2007. The première of the new Watthead show was in Helsinki, Finland, on the Diana stage at Unga Teatern, 28.08.2008

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