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The Weepikes - Parrot (Trash Can Records, 1995)


A song from 7" EP "Howkey? (Trash Can Records, 1995) "Finland's Weepikes can throw a lot of screech around without missing the song's center. They owe some stylistic strappings to such UK faves as Roxy, a touch of Howard Devoto's Magazine and a bit of the Birthday Party. Then they bash such pretentiousness over the head with careening guitar and a fairly omnious tone of distortion. Could become dull and standard quickly - but these gents know more than a bit about timing and when to throw in a few left hooks to keep you wondering where the next blow is coming from. Promising foursome of songs." Your Flesh 37 "There is an element of some really moody post-hardcore sounds, mixed with some garage rock..." Flipside oct/nov 1995 "Really crooked, semi-melodic ultra-distorted guitar/noise rock with a lot of bizarre harmony, volume and edge." Elysium fanzine 1995

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