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Prince Of Assyria - Bring Along Joy


Second album Changing Places finds Prince of Assyria's brand of Swedish melancholy stripped back to its musical and poetic essence.The dark psych-folk of singe Bring Along Joy could be, in an alternate universe, a close relative to the troubadour intensity of Tim Buckley. Ninos Dankha, the driving force behind Prince Of Assyria gives his thoughts on Bring Along Joy "This song is about the feeling of not being in control. Loosing your self to the unknown feeling of new emotions. It can be something that your body is yearning for, or even trying to get rid off. The confusing part in this state of mind, is recognition of love or just feel total submission to something I can´t understand.... it never stops growing, once you start thinking about it." Video director Timo Wright describes the concept behind the video for Bring Along Joy: "The idea comes from love being a cloud; stormy weather, solid yet ethereal, rolling from the horizon, full on forms and interpretations."

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Keräyksessä Musiikkikeräys 2018


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