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Brotherhood - Two Worlds And In Between 2013-2017

Oskar Terramortis

#BrotherhoodSwe PRE-ORDER NOW ➤ TRACKLIST 1: Damned 2: Heaven and The End 3: Like a Ghost 4: Another Day 5: Anymore 6: Black Lies 7: The Light 8: Blood Runs Cold 9: A Heartbeat Away 10: Things I Do At Night 11 Dead Inside Brotherhood was born on a dark winter night in November 2007. The mutual respect for artists like The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division and The Cure was the catalyst for Stefan Eriksson and Micke Lönngren to form Brotherhood. Tired of the modern interpretations they decided to form a band that would stick to the roots of Goth - dark, deep, melancholic and epic soundscapes with chorus bass, sweeping synthesizers and melodic guitars in play. The gothic scene from the early 80´s has always been close in heart and mind for the founders of Brotherhood. With the release of the long anticipated debut album ”Turn The Gold To Chrome” (2012) Brotherhood was nominated for several awards, received great critical acclaim and reviews. ”If this is the future for gothic rock, then, where do I sign?” 2013 Brotherhood decided to go back in the studio to start working on the bands second album when Stefan got the tragic news that his father was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The recording and song writing became both therapeutic and inspirational. Brotherhood recorded four songs about life and death, love and hate and how to set free and let go – “The Dark EP”. In 2014 Brotherhood worked hard in their own Spider Studio to bring their special version of goth to the next level. Old vintage synthesizers and drum machines combined with modern recording technology were used to extremes. “The Other Side Of Fear EP” (2015) was old school and modern at the same time with high recognition value and quality craftsmanship. It’s 2016 and the band now returns to the scene with the single “Like a ghost”. The song is an immediate up-tempo track containing all elements familiar to fans of Brotherhood. Lyrically inspired from Shakespeare's Macbeth the song continues the bands fascination about life and death and the darkness within us. In the end of 2016 Brotherhood release the single “Heaven and The End” that brings the gothic sound from the mid 80s back to life with a modern twist. The song is a melodic, up-tempo track and for the first time in the bands career a song is written and produced in collaboration with another artist - Martin Sköld. 2017 starts with Brotherhood releasing the single “Damned”. An old school sounding gothic rock anthem that proves Brotherhood has been established as one of the most exciting bands on the gothic scene. All Brotherhood covers have been created by the amazing artist and painter Sackarias Luhanko ”Two Worlds And In Between” is a collection of all songs officially released 2013-2017. Stay Goth. Play loud! Categoría Música


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