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Alghazanth - The Foe of Many Masks (from Eight Coffin Nails, 2018)


A second sample song from Alghazanth's final full-length album, Eight Coffin Nails, which will be released by Woodcut Records on CD in late March 2018 with the vinyl edition following in the summer. PRE-ORDER: The Foe of Many Masks With strength I am armoured prayers grace the sword unsheathed armed to the teeth I am with devoted thought and deed In this war that has been fought since the Blood in me unfroze no sacrifice is too dire no torment great enough to oppose Foe, march your legions right at my kingdom’s edge none may breach its bounds without being torn to shreds There are things pure and sacred and those that seek their decline across the divide between them we meet eye to eye It takes a thousand masks to conceal one rotten core but a single willed strike can make its dominion fall For one last passing second I lose myself in your empty stare facing me from the shards of the mirror

#black_metal #finland #woodcut_records

Keräyksessä Musiikkikeräys 2018


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