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The Lieblings: It's All Gonna Fall


On a sunny afternoon in April 2013, Evan Dando walked into a drug store in Hamburg. He asked the clerk for a pack of marshmallows and some good new music. The clerk, who was wearing a My Bloody Valentine t-shirt and bore a resemblance to John Lennon, gave Evan a copy of "It's All Gonna Fall", the debut single by a new Finnish band that calls themselves The Lieblings. "What's this?", Evan mumbled. "It came out today, you'll love it", said the clerk. "Come back in August for the album". On iTunes: On Spotify: On Vimeo: On Soundcloud: Music, lyrics & arrangement: The Lieblings P & C 2013 GAEA Records Published by GAEA Publishing Video ISRC: FI4GA1300029

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