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Mä kauniin tiedän kukkasen (VK184)

Janne Koskela music / Timbre Tones Microphones

Virsikirjan virsi 184. Säv. Saksassa 1589 san. Saksalainen, n 1560. Ruots. Peder Dåleman 1583. Suom virsikirjaan 1701. Uud. Carl Gustaf von Essen 1867. Tallennettu Zoom H6 -mobiilitallentimelle kahdella Timbre Tones -ja yhdellä Aston Origin -mikillä. Rough English translation: I know a flow’r so beautiful Which gives me greatest pleasure Of all the flowers it sweetest is adorable brings me the scent of Heaven This precious, lovely flower o’mine Is holy Word of my Lord it shows the way to Jesus Christ Redeem’r, Our life Still blazing through all darkness Christ is the way and He’s the life to all who search and long him He lets them out of all their sins, iniquities brings consolation to yearning He’s calling to Him everyone who’s weighted by all burdens The weary he shall revive release to life and grants his peace and pardon On the behalf of all the world he entered our troubles He suffered, He was crucified through dreadful plight He opened us the Heavens With Word he’s now consoling us and through his Sacraments He strengthens faith, he justifies Shepherding us in his faithful goodness O, Shepherd lead your flock now so that we inherit Heaven Make us your friends, your brothers Lord Jesus Christ In your name we implore you, Amen

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Keräyksessä Musiikkikeräys 2018


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