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Diison x Vincento - Holla Back ft. Ras Henry


'HOLLA BACK' AVAILABLE ON: iTunes: Spotify: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: (c) 21 RECORDS, 2014 Diison@ Facebook: Soundcloud: YouTube: VINCENTO@ Facebook: Soundcloud: Directed by: Jere Hyvönen(CTM Productions Diison & Ras Henry VINCENTO (21 Productions Shot by: VINCENTO Ville Häyrinen Tuomas Kanerva (CTM Productions Edited by: VINCENTO Beat production & Mix: VINCENTO Lyrics and Bars: Diison & Ras Henry Mastered by: SeaWolf Studios ( 2013 Helsinki, Finland The track is part of Diison x VINCENTO EP (TBA) droppin somewhere in 2013. LYRICS: (Verse 1.) I was born in 09 rep VNTA city/ I ain't crazy it's a crazy city/ my neighbors ain't that neighborly/ can't say my teachers failed on me/ but my momma ain't see no A's from me/ swear all my teachers hated me/ had class but I hardly stayed in any/ but you know what now I'm grown up/ and my mistakes educated me/ I still got growing pains in me/ fuck nine to five and barely maintaining/ I got a dream and I'm chasing it/ leave ya'll with that fame chasing/ no gimmicks and no ski masks/ real niggas with straight faces/ hol'up, you know what?/ I'm sick and tired of all of these posers/ cuz where my poppa grow up/ fuck around and get your head blown up/ so I love life and I'm focused/ cuz a jackpot don't just roll up/ some haters call me a spade/ but I'm a ace and they all jokers/ man I can't wait too see they face/ once I make it and get my dough up/ boy you better look up and pray/ cuz my flow is so above ya/ see my career gon' be like Chernobyl/ in 86 and blow up/ next 26 when u take a piss/ you gon' luminate your bowl up/ (Chorus.) We come fi bust up dem cases to bomboclot/ Reveal dem lickle rat race dem take lift to fall/ And unno recognize real him must be mad/ What!? Dem nah real at all/ (Verse 2.) Aye where my blue collar brothas at holla back/ let me hear a hell yeah if y'all want some proper rap/ go 'head call me a hater but I'm just being real/ you rappers ain't sick the industry just ill/ and y'all can suck my dick cuz that's just how I feel/ you talk right out your ass got shit running right down your chin/ fake it till you make it trust me I ain't with that/ say your life's a movie must be cuz its not real and its scripted/ I'm not impressed listen ask me why I rap it's simple/ I spit heart felt lyrics with passion for the people/ plus my rhyme game mean so mean its damn near evil/ got punchlines that knock your ass the fuck out I'm like Debo/ for real tho/ my voice is a weapon my vocab' is the magazine/ my lyrics are the ammo my flow like gasoline/ just hand me a lighter/ cuz these rappers ain't a match to me/ I'll set the game on fire/ give a fuck about the casualties/ (Chorus.) We come fi bust up dem cases to bomboclot/ reveal dem lickle ratrace dem take lift to fall/ and unno recognize real him must be mad/ what!? Dem nah real at all/ (Repeat.) (Verse 3.) Real recognize real and nah bout dem mansions and dem dollars/ seh step up any place me ago diss you up like cowards/ seh burn you up inna the flames and the fire/ seh come down a yard you get eaten by the lion/ seh whol'a dem start fi run when dem hear the shot a bust again/ go back pon your home you not never be a tuff again/ fire burn fi all the fakers who try run ya head/ dem can not hold down a natty dread!/

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