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Brahms I Segerstam

Alba Records

ABCD 390 "The flow must always go on in our own lifescore, and if Music is the personal port to some inexplicable dimension where it is possible to get recharged and receive motivation-energy for the surfing and clicking on the homepage obeying the constant urges to try to expand, deepen and enrich the mystery of the galaxies of the multiverses´ where there are perhaps 12 steps available when you dive tuned maximally receivably to scrutinize the superzeroed tonechoosing in the homepagemyceliums of tones selected, hungry and thirsty as a musical satellite aiming to dock with the mothership on the podium-altar offering exciting points for the horn of plenty´s navelstringclimbings..... Then the most pollutive blow from the milky ways could be the identification of yourself taking part in the opening procession of Brahms´ First Symphony!" - Leif Segerstam

#segerstam #brahms #turku #tfo #turku_philharmonic_orchestra #turun_filharmoninen_orkesteri #beard

Keräyksessä Musiikkikeräys 2018


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