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09 Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Thief in the Night [Timmion]

Timmion Records

Download: Subscribe: Official stream from Timmion. Distributed by Kudos Records. On iTunes: On Spotify: On Amazon: More music playlists: Album: Happiness in Every Style [ALBUM] Track: 9 of 11 Title: Thief in the Night Artist: Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators Label: Timmion Cat#: TRLP12001 Formats: CD Album/Digital Digital Release: 2nd October 2015 Physical Release: 2nd October 2015 About This Release: Reviews for This Release: "Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators have matured on this record, giving us beautiful soul music that the legends would be proud of. They carry the musical torch on like a beacon through the dark night and anchor right near our hearts." - DJ Prestige (Flea Market Funk, USA) "For dancers, listeners & lovers, this is the real deal - a magnificent lesson in true soul music." - Jazzman (Jazzman Records, UK) "Ms. Willis’ Soul won my heart and mind again! ...and my feet are dancing. Elegant songwriting and uplifting arrangements. The band is cookin’ super tight." - Daisuke Kuroda (Kickin, Tokyo, Japan) "If a fine wine gets better with time then Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators have developed a perfectly matured sound with a timeless aesthetic." - DJ Skeme Richards (Hot Peas & Butta, Philly/USA) "Subtle textures, catchy hooks and unexpected chords that you grow to love mixed with classic pop soul sensibilities. Things get very special when it slows down and goes deep, ESSENTIAL." - DJ Fryer (AOTN Records, UK) "This is the timeless soul album. It is happiness of all that can feel this soul in the 21st century. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators bring the best sound by the best combination in the world." - Ryuhei The Man "Now I know what SOUL means today. It's Nicole Willis. It's Soul Investigators. It's this album. There's nothin' but SOUL." - Yusuke (Universounds, Tokyo, Japan)

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