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Corpset - No Rest (Official Video)

Violent Journey Records

Official music video from the "No Rest" album.(Violent Journey Records Release date 20.9.2013) Order Worldwide: Music by Corpset Lyrics by Antti Murtonen Directed, shot and edited by Matti Kuusniemi Actor: Aatto Paasonen CORPSET is: Antti Murtonen Jami Heikkala Jari Kelloniemi Arto Tissari Timo Hanhijoki Lyrics: Can't close my eyes Been in dark for so long And I won't shut my mouth Been silent for too many years How could I sit back and watch For a split second to just go by Let go even for a day It's same as if I killed myself now CH Can't stop and I wont stop Got no more time to lose In a blink of an eye world can turn It will turn if so I choose For every single time when I was ready to explode For every time I kept it in Time to go off is now CH Too many chances I have to take Too many hits that I just can't miss No more will I shorten my days Too much to be said and done But I can't say that I'm sorry For all so called wasted years There's time for everything No use to shed any tears No more will I give my time To futile thoughts of self-doubt This time shit is for real This time my time is now My time is now

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