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Bye Mandu - Southern Girl.mp3

Bye Mandu

Bye Mandu's third independent release 'Southern Girl' is a positively melancholic and up-tempo song that tells about falling in love in a clutch situation. Recording&Mixing: Markus Savijoki Production: Valtteri Väänänen About Bye Mandu: Bye Mandu is a Helsinki based ethereal indie rock ensemble. It all began in the spring of 2012, when Sergei wrote eight songs on his trip to Nepal. When he returned, he had a strong feeling that this was the real deal: the lyrics called for nuanced, ample, delicate beats and notes. The fire had been sparked and now it needed musicians to bring to full flame. Sergei summoned talented, charming fellow musicians to join the band. Sampo Sundström (guitar), Oskari Järvinen (drums), Juho Peltonen (keyboards), Iiris "Ippi" Arjanne (bass) and Sergei Vartiainen (vocals, guitar) formed Bye Mandu, named after Kathmandu, the city that gave inspiration to the songs. Sergei's original compositions were arranged into audacious, diverse, electric indie rock pieces that manifested all of the members' views. In September 2012, Bye Mandu released their first EP and the music video for 'June'. The band started playing live shows and received a warm and enthusiastic welcome. Bye Mandu's popularity was on the upswing. In the spring of 2013, there were over 30 booked shows and new songs were written on a steady basis. The Helsinki scene was soon too small for the highflying band, so they extended their influence to the West Coast of Finland, the Close Encounters Music Festival in St. Petersburg and the Tall Ships Races Festival´s main stage in Helsinki. The band's own unique sound grew stronger and the young musicians exceeded their own expectation before the band turned one year old. All the compositions are made by the band's half-Russian singer Sergei Vartiainen, who works as a model in the Finnish Paparazzi Model Management. Arrangements are made by the band members together. Bye Mandu draws its inspiration from real life stories and the urge of sharing the unique sounds they've made themselves. Starting from the fall 2013, Bye Mandu's calendar has been filled with a mix of gigs, recording sessions and marketing of the new single. Music video will be released in July (date TBA).

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