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Mun lahjani (Club for Five cover by Janne Koskela)

Janne Koskela music / Timbre Tones Microphones

My acoustic guitar cover version of a beautiful love song by the great Finnish Vocal ensemble Club For Five. Check them out! Dedicated to my dear, beautiful wife Titta. And to all those who every now and then need to hear they are loved. One day I was running, when this song hit my earphones. I had to stop and listen. And I couldn't help myself from thinking that Lord Jesus Christ himself wanted to sing this to me. His way of showing love untill his very death - and through it - keeps my head up. Yours too! Played with my Martin D. Jr in drop-D tuning. Vocal mic (Sennheiser E965) and Martin's pickup (GBM electronics E3) run through Archangel X7 preamp into Fishman Loudbox Artist amp. Both Signals recorded from amps XLR outs into Zoom H6 field recorded. So a live take with a live sound. Camera was my trusty Olympus OM-D E-M5mkII + 12-40mm f2,8 pro.

#26.1.2017 #Janne_Koskela #Club_For_Five #mun_lahjani #Martin_guitars #Dreadnought_Junior #D._Jr #Fishman_Loudbox_Artist #Timbre_Tones #Greatest_love

Keräyksessä Musiikkikeräys 2018


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