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MY MESSAGE TO THE WORLD (Mild graphic content)


Feel free to share, redistribute & use as you wish! Have you ever looked at the world seeing all the suffering, pain, inequality and corruption? Have you ever considered the possibility could be all different? It doesn't have to be this way. It's not meant to be this way. How have we come to the point where we produce food for over 13 thirteen billion people, every day, half of which is thrown away, while one sixth of the population is starving to death? How have we come to the point where 1% percent of the population owns over 40% percent of the planet's wealth, while one in every five individuals has to survive on less than 1 dollar a day? This is not about resources, it's about the system of distribution. I have a dream. A dream of a better world, some say it is a silly, childish, unrealistic and even a a pathetic dream. But I am not alone with my dream for it is shared by many, many more, all around the world. Just for a second, allow yourself to imagine a world without starvation or poverty, where everyone's material needs would be met. Now ask yourself, what is it, that makes you believe that this kind of world is simply not possible? I sense a massive amount disbelief and hopelessness in the people of today, we don't believe in our dreams, we let other people crush them. We have let authorities, the very people at the top of the pyramid to convince us that we are powerless to change this system and is there nothing we can do to make the world better, this is exactly how they want us to feel and think. The fact is, that we as citizens, as the fuel of this economic machine that keeps this corrupt and undemocratic system running, have the full power to change it, for we ARE, the ones that are keeping it going. You, and everyone else, has massive, massive potential to make a difference. The hardest thing about changing the world is changing the way we think. It's time start dreaming again. It's time to unite and take the people that enslave us out of power. We don't need leaders or centralized control of power, what we need is true democracy. We don't need this corrupt and unjust economic system, we need a new, more democratic economic model that is concerned primarily on the wellbeing of the people and the ecosystem of this planet, not in short term profit-making. Those, who truly care for the wellbeing of others and see the suffering are carrying the whole world on their shoulders. It is a huge burden which is why most people choose indifference instead. It's time to start concerning the wellbeing of your fellow human beings in addition to the wellbeing of yourself. You can start changing the world no matter where you are, right now by starting to believe in the change and by starting to care for others around you. Once you start to believe in the change, you begin to see number of ways on how to make a difference, everyone has their own task in this huge process. We will get there, you can't stop the change, but if you are willing, you can join it and speed up the process. Where do you stand? Thank you for your time. Peace and love.

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