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President of the World Press Conference (please share!)


Mirrored from: POW, or President of the World, is a character created to promote the voice of the People of the World via a global democracy, found here: POW is not a New World Order concept. POW does not add a layer of leadership to the world. POW listens to all People of the World who would like to see their leaders act in ways that benefit all of us, not just a select few. Follow on Facebook: Twitter: POW's website is President of the World Press Conference Additional Footage Credits: ESA/Hubble (released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license). Other stock has been fully licensed. Contact for details. POW and do not operate for profit. Global Democracy Management Pty Ltd is independent of any government, religious movement or corporation. You are encouraged to share this video. In this video the President of the World announces a global democracy for People of the World to have a voice and a vote on global issues, in a press conference. By following the President of the World on Facebook and Twitter people can stay up to date on new ideas that can improve the world. The more people that follow, the more political leaders will be forced to listen to what People of the World are saying. Below is text from the video for translation. Bonjour, Hola, Nihao, and so on. You obviously have two burning questions. Who am I, and who put me in charge? No doubt You're concerned about my accent, skin color, age, beliefs... Half of you probably wish I were a woman. So let me put you at ease... I'm not in charge. You are. I have no authority over you or anyone else. On the contrary, you have authority over me. Think of me as a spokesperson for all the People of the World, controlled by you through social media. Before we get into how that works, let's take a close look at this map... This is us. A bunch of lines, divisions, boundaries... Countries competing over limited resources, economic domination and religious superiority. Competition is healthy when it comes to cricket or Facebook travel pictures, but this... this is just stupid. Now let's zoom out and get another perspective. To scale, our solar system is a grain of sand in the Sahara desert. And this little pixel is our only home. Yet we're sucking up resources like there's no tomorrow, breeding like rabbits. Strangulating other species out of existence... Plastic waste in the Ocean is larger than most countries. With nothing in place to stop it. Industries that are harming our planet have become so powerful that they prevent or slow down new, cleaner technology, for the sake of short- term profits. Governments, justice systems, the media, are all influenced by self-interest groups, whose actions often conflict with the well-being of humankind. Obviously the World is full of good people. But as a whole, we are all contributing to a system that's broken. We're going down a bad path. So how do we fix it? Together, through social media, we can influence world leaders and industries so they start improving the world, as opposed to ruining it. This will work because history repeatedly shows us that leaders and industries must follow public opinion, or they fail. There is a lot of work to be done, but for now simply sharing this video, or endorsing it, tweeting it, etc. will go a long way towards the creation of a legitimate global democracy because the more that people unite in one place, the more powerful their voices become. If you would like to have direct influence over how the world is run, visit - This is where I go to understand what it is you want and need. It is here that you can vote on and propose new ideas that help the world run better. The most popular of which I will present to the world in videos like this one. Please leave your questions and comments on my Youtube or Facebook pages and I will respond. Thanks for listening.

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