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MK SENSATION demo by Teemujazz

Teemu Vehkala

Just got this wonderfull MK SENSATION Epiano library. This Jamal Hartwell's sampled piano library is the most richest 80's & 90's piano library ever. If you search that sound which you heard in those many best selling albums in 80's and 90's played by the great Robbie Buchanan. This is the software synthesizer to emulate those Roland eighties MK20 synths, where those sounds are from, The MKS-20 Digital Piano module is one of the most revered electric and digital piano modules ever made. The MKS-20 used a technology called SAS Structured / Adaptive Synthesis which was designed to emulate a real piano with a ton expressiveness per velocity. This was Roland's answer to a piano and EP that didn't require samples to produce the sound. As a result, this module is revered in gospel circles and still used today. They still go for $250 on eBay. The best thing about the library is that you can mix and layer sounds as you wish, which is completely impossible on the module. Now imagine adding some of the most sought after old school EP's to be able to layer with the MKS-20. Imagine the Dyno of the o1w, the Power Grand, the EP's of the TX816, Synth Brass, synths, strings, and pads to go along with it--All of which can be layered and mixed as desired. This library is designed as the all purpose performance digital piano library that you can load up and use on every gig or studio session. BONUS: We used the original MKS's chorus for EP1 and EP2 for that phat sound you love from the actual module.

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Keräyksessä Valemedia 2017


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