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MIRRORED FROM: Uploaded by alielbaryeshua on Jan 9, 2012 Warning Graphic Footage! This is HOW USA is spreading our wonderful peace and democracy... Notice the foreign Arab News Guy.. Those who KILL their own people have lost all credibility.. He is talking about 911.. Makes me sick.. Imagine how you would feel having jets bomb you like this! THEY ARE NOT A THREAT TO US!!! WAKE UP... Brown people are human too! They live die love work take care of their children... TOO!!! The War Mongers have taken over our GOV!!! Mirrored from LedaOhio5 ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††­† Combat's comments: Folks, I cried when I watched this...little children attacked by Obama with his slogan: yes we can! ...If we are indifferent to this, we are next to be droned by Barack Hussein Obama. You think this will not happen in America? You think Obama The Messiah is not capable of doing that? Think again! Question: Now where are the Christians in the US? I guess we are so very few in numbers to make a difference.......... Hey Muslims are not rats, okay? I understand that the Muslim religion is not a religion of peace and I understand that Mohammed is a false prophet but if that's the way to show Christian love to them, then I depart from you, I want NO PART WITH YOU. I am telling you that if we do nothing with that, those drones will come back to us and NOBODY WILL CARE BECAUSE THEY ARE ANGRY AT US, DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY? Don't give them another reason to believe that we are the great Satan. Be against this. Spread the word out. Family, friends, co-workers, etc. Forward this. We need to have the world to see that. Please have in mind that now Bush and Blair were brought to court for crimes against Humanity. Now we need to have the International attention to bring this Obama to the court for crimes against Humanity as well. What more do we need to act?????????????? The drones on us???????????????

#Bush #OBAMA #DRONE #DRONES #EVERYONE_NEEDS_TO_SEE_THIS #stop_the_war #drone_attack #terrorism

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