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MUU Galleria - Annika Dahlsten: Nocturnal Butterfly, 7.4.-10.5.2015


Annika Dahlsten: Nocturnal Butterfly, 7.4.-10.5.2015, MUU Gallery Annika Dahlsten's exhibition displays two works: the puppet animation Nocturnal Butterfly, Dahlsten's graduation work for the animation training programme at the Turku Arts Academy, and an installation. In her short film ”Nocturnal Butterfly”, the winged main character comes upon a still life composed of objects depicting the brevity of time, and the inevitability of the end. Vanitas themes, popular in art since Middle Ages, remind the spectator, that earthly pleasures are transient, and that death equals all things. Tokens and symbols connected with death are also deeply human. They speak of our need to understand the mystery of death, and to deal with fears attached to it. In her installation ”Black Butterflies” a group of butterflies comes to life. Butterflies flitting in the dark are both beautiful and sinister; familiar, but at the same time strange and threatening. In Ancient Greek, the word psykhe means both butterfly, breath, and soul. Dahlsten is using butterfly as a metaphor for that fleeting breath called life. Memento mori, remember that you must die, is always present. Every moment, every flap of the wing, is unique, every life is meaningful. Video by MUU Media Base / Sinem Kayacan.,

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