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MUU Studio - Anu Miettinen: Castle in The Air, 30.10.-29.11.2015


ANU MIETTINEN: CASTLE IN THE AIR - Dream Interviews, Compilations I-III 30 October – 29 November 2015, MUU Studio, Helsinki A quote from an interview conducted in Vartiosaari: Dream Interviews, Compilation I: “It’s alright to have realistic dreams, because they can come true some day. That’s why you can actually have them. Then there are dreams that you know will never come true. They are like short-lived butterflies, it’s nice that they exist, because if you don’t have any dreams, it’s like a death.” The work consists of documentary video interviews and black-and-white photographs with texts. The exhibition in MUU Gallery features interviews made in 2014–2015. The interviews explore our relationship with dreams, but they also examine other things: how dreams can come true as well as work, everyday life, disappointments and what it means to abandon a dream. In 2014 and 2015, I interviewed people in Finland, Sweden and Berlin; in 2015 the interviewees were mostly female immigrants. The purpose of the project is to approach different groups and generate interaction outside the sphere of everyday life by discussing personal hopes and dreams. I believe that meeting people and sharing their experiences can create understanding and trust across different cultures and experiences. This is particularly important in these restless times when difference can be perceived as suspect. My aim is also to highlight and give voice to people whose predicament and everyday life often remain unrecognised. The project was begun in 2013 and it will continue at least to 2017. Dream is a pilot project that was previously presented in Berlin and Porvoo in 2014. The new version will be presented in MUU Gallery, Helsinki, from 30 October to 29 November 2015, and in the Poriginal Gallery in Pori in 2015. A catalogue relating to the exhibition will be released on 29 November 2015 at MUU Gallery. The exhibition is generously supported by Konstsamfundet, the Uusimaa Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation, VISEK Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art. Helsinki-based visual artist Anu Miettinen (born 1975) graduated from the Free Art School in 1998 and from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design and Fine Arts, in 2013. She works with equal facility with moving and still images, environmental art, performance, installation and drawing. The key motifs in Miettinen’s work are people, the landscape and the environment. From 2015 to 2017, Anu Miettinen is Regional Artist for the Arts Promotion Centre Finland in the Uusimaa Region. A video by MUU Media Base / Sinem Kayacan.,

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