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MUU Galleria - TIMO KOKKO Momentary Appearance 31.7.-6.9.2015


TIMO KOKKO: Momentary Appearance, an exhibition in MUU Gallery 31 July - 6 September 2015. In his work, Timo Kokko investigates the nature of installation and sculpture through a play of materials, immateriality, space and perception. Kokko builds a separate space in MUU Gallery where the viewer can enter. The gallery is dark, and it takes a while before the eye adjusts and begins to perceive the elements inside the piece. Viewed from the outside, the elements appear as weak sources of blue light that invite closer inspection. The elements are fluorescent, glowing under UV light. The fluorescent substance is quinine from tonic water. The space and the mood inside the installation is dreamlike, a meeting between the conscious and the unconscious world. Timo Kokko (b. 1978) is a visual artist from Kuopio. He graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. The works in his exhibitions are often site-specific. Engaging the architecture of the gallery in a dialogue, they may only exist for the duration of the show. Often traces of the process of their making are left visible, or the process is made part of the exhibition. Exhibition is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Arts Council of North Savo, and North Savo Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation. Video by MUU Media Base / Sinem Kayacan.,

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