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MUU Galleria: Ion Bârlădeanu - retrospective exhibition, 15 May – 18 June 2015


Ion Bârlădeanu: ART AGAINST ALL ODDS - retrospective exhibition, 15 May – 18 June 2015, MUU Gallery The artist Ion Bârlădeanu talks together with the curator of the exhibition, Dan Popescu, about artist's exhibition in MUU Gallery. A video by MUU Media Base / Sinem Kayacan. Ion Bârlădeanu (b.1946, Zăpodeni, Romania) has been discovered by the international art world 2009, when his work was featured in important group shows and acknowledged for its technique, theme and aesthetics. The exhibition is the first one of the Romanian artist in Finland and Northern Europe and also touches upon the transferability of an artistic act and its possible translation to different geographical and cultural contexts. The exhibition is a collaborative production by The Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm and Artists’ Association MUU, with the support of the Embassy of Romania in Finland and H’art Gallery Bucharest. In a moment when legitimacy in the arts is debated and when the political is frequently approached in the artistic process, the retrospective of Ion Bârlădeanu’s work comes to highlight the nature and condition of the artistic act, revealing the story of the storyteller. The exhibition “Art against all odds” comprises of a selection from the work of Ion Bârlădeanu, an artist who has extendedly been working outside the system, experiencing art as pure individual freedom. An overview of the artistic practice of Ion Bârlădeanu, the exhibition includes a comprehensive selection of the artist’s creative periods. There is a fascinating myth about the man living at the borders of the society, living a life that bypasses the conventions and comforts of the bourgeois existence. Each open society needs those people who are living, in the same time, inside and outside of it. They are the creators of the critical discourse, the ironists, the cynics, the libertines or the eccentrics who are setting the philosophical standards of the western civilization. Ion Bârlădeanu is one. Throughout his life, Ion Bârlădeanu chose freedom and despised all types of conventional authority. In his collages he built an imaginary arena where he was always victorious, where hypocrisy stood defeated in the cheers of the crowds, and where the humanist-ironical scenario was played over and over again. Bârlădeanu started with portraits in the late 70’s and first experimented with collage in the late 70’s, refining his technique in the 80’s and achieving maturity in the late 80’s until now: drawings, satirical collages made in the context of the communist regime, analytical ones from a context of the market and capital, all are presented in the exhibition format. The works have a cinematographic intention, creating a proto-pop world 20 years before the possibility of reception from the Romanian public. In the context applied, Romania, the pop aesthetics was visible a post-communist reality and as a direct consequence of the consumerist society. Bringing together movie stars, presidents, rendered landscapes and marketed consumption goods, Ion Bârlădeanu’s collages are a very special hybrid between pop art, with a surrealist touch, and dada. With little or no resources, Bârlădeanu creates a cinematic photogram that tells a complete story.,

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