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Open Call to Artists - PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 7


OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS: PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 7 Application deadline: 30 November 2016 Produced by the Artists’ Association MUU: PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 7 - A Series of international Video Performances Theme: Protest Song Competition! Artists’ Association MUU and artist Heidi Kilpeläinen (HK119) challenge artists to participate in the Performance Voyage 7 project under the theme Protest Song Competition. • What is the contemporary or future form of the protest song? What is wrong? What are you frustrated with? The political situation? Your next door neighbour? Your own life? • Artists’ Association MUU and Heidi Kilpeläinen (HK119) invite artists to take a stand – “politician’s are failing, let’s do it ourselves”. • What is the song/music/video composition that expresses frustration with society or the world situation? • The theme can also be interpreted loosely or metaphorically. Protest Song can be an instance of the joy of singing, a piece of music, a cry for help, a complaint, an case of nostalgia or a form of collective power. • This “competition” is laced with irony, DIY attitude and the invitation to get real. • It’s time to protest! The open call for the Performance Voyage 7 selection is for recent video works, preferably 1–5 minutes in duration (max. 10 min.). Only submit edited footage – unedited raw footage will be rejected. The videos will be showcased as a compilation on a worldwide tour. The compilation will be presented worldwide in 2017. Works for the international Performance Voyage 7 tour will be selected by MUU. MUU will also publish a Performance Voyage 7 DVD for private and promotional use. More information: DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM HERE: Send the completed submission form, CV, video still image and the URL link to your video by email to, or by post to MUU ry / Performance Voyage 7, Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki, Finland You can make your entire submission online by sending your completed SUBMISSION FORM by email to The deadline for all submissions is 30 November 2016. Selected artists will be contacted by email early 2017. Contact:, +358 (0)9 625 972, Video by MUU Media Base / Ilkka Pitkänen. Extracts of Heidi Kilpeläinen's video work.

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Keräyksessä Mediataiteen verkkosivuja 2016


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