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Summer Sound Festival 2014 - FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT


► ► ► Is this a festival or massive party? This is both. Full line up is ready and we are ready for you, artists and three days of madness! EVENT ► The lineup for this years Summer Sound is ready. The new bookings include the EDM world's best known synonym for a DJ, the dutch superstar Tiësto. Other headliners include Dash Berlin, one of the biggest EDM sensations of the recent years, Sander van Doorn, the "producer's producer" behind countless club and radio hits, and Benny Benassi, the Grammy winning Italian producer. Also included are the biggest Russian stars of electronic dance music, Hard Rock Sofa and Arty, Egypt's biggest musical exports Aly & Fila, and Marco V, who is widely regarded as the father of tech-trance. The local talent is represented by the multi-million selling producer Jaakko Salovaara, also known as JS16. All new names added to the lineup are: ► Aly & Fila (EG) ► Arty (RUS) ► Alpha² (NL) ► Benny Benassi (ITA) ► Ben Gold (UK) ► Cosmic Gate (GER) ► Dash Berlin (NL) ► Geck-O (NL) ► Hard Rock Sofa (RUS) ► JS16 (FIN) ► Marco V (NL) ► Pegboard Nerds (NOR) ► Sandro Silva (NL) ► Sander van Doorn (NL) ► Sunnary James & Ryan Marciano (NL) ► Tiësto (NL) Summer Sound Festival, the largest electronic dance music event in Northern Europe that gathered over 30.000 attendees last year, returns this summer. The event will be even bigger than last year's, and the production even more massive. The festival takes place right in the middle of Helsinki on 18.-20.7.2014, and the line-up is a breathtaking mix of the world's biggest EDM superstars and the most exciting new talent. The crowd will also get to enjoy stunning special effects, great company and the unparalleled festival atmosphere. This year the Helsinki Convention Centre and it's surroundings will be transformed into a massive festival area with three stages for three days. It will be the summer's highlight for EDM lovers, comprised of thousands of hands in the air, pounding bass, smiling faces and an immense feeling of unity. Summer Sound is a completely unique event, and an experience you can't find at other Finnish festivals. The event is organized for the fourth time this year, and it has been sold out on all the previous years. The successful events of the previous years have encouraged the Summer Sound to introduce a completely new, third stage this year. The festival also puts a tremendous effort into the technical production and the overall customer satisfaction, in order to create an event that can be cherished as a beautiful memory for years to come.

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